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FFP always strive to put our clients with the high attention to the legal solution matters. Part of our commitment to provide solutions tailored to our clients’ needs is our industry sector focus. Our priority sectors are, capital market, commercial and real estate.


However, FFP also a full-service law firm working with several practice areas with details that you can find as following details:

Practice Area - Capital Market WEB.jpg


Our high deal flow ensures that our Capital Markets team is always aware of the latest views from regulators. We have the flexibility and innovative capacity required to assist, and where required spearhead, niche capital markets transactions.

FFP are often involved in complex deals where we display our transaction management skills, our capacity for thinking out-of-the-box and our adeptness in proposing innovative solutions.

Practice Area - Commercial WEB.jpg


FFP are market-leading practitioners, and also have shaped many of the landmark deals in the various sectors. This means that FFP never simply counsel our clients on how to paper their transactions, but we work together with them from the start to come up with the most effective structure for them and share our experience of the many other deals we have executed.

FFP have a deep understanding of how businesses work and understand the key business drivers applicable to our clients’ sectors. This enables us to guide our clients through the entire lifecycle of our clients’ business, providing practical legal solutions to practical business challenges.

Practice Area - Contract 051117.jpg


We have drafted, negotiated, mediated and litigated numerous claims relating to business and individual agreements. Whether the contract/agreement is a simple agreement between two individuals or a multifaceted agreement between numerous companies, our firm’s business team can help.


We can represent you from the initial negotiation stage through drafting of the final document. If your contract has been prepared already, our experienced lawyers can review it and make any recommendations necessary to ensure that your rights are protected, and your best interests represented.

Practice Area - Corporate NEW.jpg


We advise on the full range of corporate, mergers and acquisitions, and securities matters. We are specialists in assisting businesses to enter, operate and grow in mature and emerging markets.

We are providing services to a range of corporate clients on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial matters. In addition to its mainstream mergers and acquisitions capability, our expertise encompasses private equity, corporate structures and re-organizations as well as corporate litigation.



We advise clients on how to incorporate ADR into their everyday business praxis. We work with clients to prepare contract provisions, organizational procedures, and guidelines on using arbitration and mediation to settle commercial disputes and internal matters.


Our team makes every effort to resolve legal disputes as efficiently and economically as possible for our clients.

Practice Area - Energy 061117.jpg


The opportunities from the energy & resources area to generate electricity based on its natural conditions and circumstances are massive.


Our team represents a diverse range of businesses in the field of energy, advising clients from the private and public sectors on a wide range of issues from complex regeneration and development projects and renewable energy schemes. 

We have advised our clients concerning a broad range of issues, from specific issues arising out of regulatory compliance to funding, corporate finance, construction, and major projects.

Practice Area - Hospitality.jpg


Our Hotel and Leisure team is highly experienced in all areas of the hotel and leisure industries. Our team has unrivaled insight into the complex legal requirements of the hotel industry and has enabled us to build an invaluable understanding of the commercial and practical aspects of our clients’ businesses.


We advise some hotel chains and investors on the full range of legal services including acquisitions, disposals, developments and construction, equity capital market fundraisings, bond issues, whole business securitization, litigation and M&A.

Practice Area - Litigation.jpg


We have a special focus on cross-border litigation, acting for and against foreign entities, tailoring our legal assistance towards commercially and strategically prudent solutions. Additionally, we advise and litigate in a wide variety of disputes including, but not limited to, corporate disputes, contractual disputes, disputes in the banking and finance sector.


For each concern, our firm seeks to establish a defined strategy so that the matter is conducted cost-effectively. Some situations require aggressive action, while others require early negotiations or mediation to avoid costly litigation. Each case is evaluated and recommendations are made by our attorneys to settle or proceed to litigation based on the client’s best interests and the unique circumstances of the case.

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