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With FFP's wide range of services, we have been helping businesses in a variety of industries since 2015 to help our clients achieve successful growth. 


Some of our client relationships have spanned more than years and we have had a number of clients who return to us after a few years – to help them as they continue building their exiting or to assist them as they begin building a “new” business.


We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you to do the same and add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied clients, some of which include:

  1. PT Bukit Uluwatu Villa Tbk (ALILA Group);

  2. PT Darya Varia Laboratoria Tbk;

  3. PT Mora Telematika Indonesia Tbk;

  4. PT Bibit Tumbuh Bersama;

  5. KAJA Group;

  6. Heaven Lights;

  7. PT Surya Utama Nuansa;

  8. PT Citra Cipta Bika;

  9. Dialoog Hotels;

  10. Liberte Restaurant;

  11. REC Indonesia Blockchain Platform;

  12. PT Kargo Partner Logistics;

  13. PT Kripto Jaya Abadi;

  14. PT CTXG Indonesia Berkarya;

  15. PT Bukit Nusa Harapan;

  16. Majoly Restaurant;

  17. Shandi Pala Resorts;

  18. Woka Internationals;

  19. PT Jagakarsa Realty;

  20. Archipelago Hotels and Resorts;

  21. MOBEE Capital PTE LTD;

  22. PT Bogor Raya Ecopark;

  23. PT GAP Capital; and

  24. PT Asia Leisure Network.

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